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Tassets 1580

Two tassets each of five upward-lapping lames. Well matched in form, style and size. The rounded bottom edge of the final lame with a full inward turn and parallel ridge, each roped. The ends of each plate with roped half-rolls. Each tasset with a central crease and small filed notch at the center of the top edge. Remains of single engraved lines parallel to the upper edge of each plate. Upper edges also beveled. Tassets originally designed for 3 buckles, re-fitted for 2 buckles to match the fauld lame on the breastplate A-114b. Right tasset with 2 notch assembly marks on inside of the plates. These are located on the bottom of the plates - including the bottom plate where they are filed into the inside of the roll. Displayed as part of item number A-114. Right shows that the plates were originally secured by two leathers (front and center) and a line of sliding rivets at the outer edge. Left was originally different. It may have been constructed like the tassets on item number A-306 - with two lines of rivets (front and outside) and a central leather. When it was last assembled, it had two leathers (front and center) and pivoting rivets at the outside. There are enough spare holes which are empty or which contain rivets from various modern periods that the exact original configuration is not certain.

When purchased with the suit, these were coated inside and out in varnish. The images show what this looked like after several decades. It was not a wise decision. As the varnish aged, it cracked and rust formed underneath. The varnish has also browned. During a restoration (late 19th- mid 20th c. before or when the piece was varnished) rivets replaced. One leather replaced with solid rivets. Separated right tasset shows the state after removal of the structural (modern) rivets and a very light cleaning to remove the varnish and surface rust.

Thickness: Bottom plate of the right tasset - .040-.050, 4th plate of the right tasset - .035-.045, top plate .023-.040 (mostly .035).


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