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Breastplate 1580

One piece with deep peascod form. Narrow sliding gussets at the arms. Fauld of two lames. Tassets formed of nine plates. Primary edges formed with inward-turned roped rolls. Secondary edges with single engraved lines. Breastplate and tassets with additional raised and roped ridges on each side. Parts well matched forming a good, coherent look typical of a late 16th c. Italian breastplate, fauld and tassets. Leathers, buckles and rivets replaced. Gussets not quite a pair. These breastplates often have fixed gussets (ones without slots at the upper rivet) and these slots have rounded ends so the slots may be later. The neck roll is very nicely tapered. At the center it is just under 1/2 inch high and it tapers to 3/16 inch at the ends. It is formed with a straight front edge then rounded top face and continues with a round section to the interior edge of the roll. Tasset plates secured by a central interior leather and rivets at the front and back. This arrangement allows the tassets to bend nicely but still keeps the plates controlled. It appears to be the original configuration.

Measurements: Width under the arms 13 3/4", width at the waist 10 3/8", width at the shoulders 10 1/4", height from the center of the neck roll to the base of the peascod straight on the inside 13 5/8". Thickness of the breast varies between about .050 and .10 inch. It is generally thicker in the upper center and thins toward the edges, upper corner and into the peascod. Tassets .022-.035 inch, the thinnest spot on the left tasset on the outside lowest plate where it would overlap the cuisse. Weight overall: 8 pounds 12.9 ounces (3395g). The interior is heavily textured from rust and the outside has been cleaned so the original thickness and weight were likely somewhat higher.


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