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Armour Late 16th cent

A Composite Italian Full Armour of steel. Close-helmet with one-piece skull, visor, upper and lower bevor and 3 neck lames front and back. The skull rising to a tall roped comb (small holes near the top of the comb and one small brazed repair) swept slightly back, bordered by incised lines, with circular holes over the each ear in the form of a circle of 8 holes with a central hole. With a shaped plume-holder incised with chevrons at the base by one rivet on each side. Pointed visor with horizontal vision sight divided centrally, pointed lifting-peg fitting into the upper bevor. The upper bevor fits the visor exactly, the upper edge curved in at the back of the eye slot. Pierced with circular breaths in the form of a circle of 8 holes with a central hole (matching the holes in the skull, but forming a larger circle). on the right and pivoted at the same points as the chin-piece. Chin-piece and upper bevor secured by hooks which engage in to flattened pegs pierced with a hole. Face hole of the chin-piece bordered by a roped inward-turned roll. Face edge of the skull plain with single engraved line. Lining rivets around the face hole flush on the outside. Three neck-plates at front and rear (lower two rear plates replaced), the bottom ones each with turned and roped border and an additional roped ridge parallel to the border. Gorget of two main plates with single neck-lames at the front and rear. The outer edges of the main plates are bordered by a half roll and recessed border, the half roll roped. The neck edge of the main plates with matching roped half-rolls. The neck plates with roped full rolls. The neck plates are secured by an internal hinge at the left and a pin in the rear plate engaging a hole in the front plate on the right. The main plates are secured by a turning hook on the right which engages in a keyhole slot. Breast-plate of deep peascod form with medial ridge and two embossed volutes at the top, moveable armhole gussets, single plate skirt, and later fixed lance-rest. Back-plate shaped to the back and embossed with a 'V' towards the top. Inward-turned roped rolls at the neck, arms and on the edge of the narrow waist flare. Arm holes with recessed borders. Tassets each of five upward-lapping lames. The rounded bottom edge of the final lame with a full inward turn and parallel ridge, each roped. The ends of each plate with roped half-rolls. Each tasset with a central crease and small filed notch at the center of the top edge. Tassets originally designed for 3 buckles, re-fitted for 2 buckles to match the fauld lame on the breastplate. Right tasset with 2 notch assembly marks on inside of the plates. Originally acquired with later fully articulated vambraces each with turning joint, 6 lame pauldrons and floating elbow cops. Most commonly displayed with mid 16th c. arms from an English household - item number A-164 (right arm) and item number A-165 (left arm). Later displayed with item number A-339 (arms) and item number A-46 (gauntlets). Photographed with item number A-318 (greaves). Acquired with later gauntlets each with flared cuff and lames over the fingers (some missing - lost in shipment from auction house). Later full leg harness each hinged together and with articulated round-toed sabatons. Dome-headed rivets throughout. Originally on a padded wooden manikin with modern butted mail apron and mounted on a wooden plinth from its display since WWII. Remounted in the current collection. Helmet, breast and back similar to those on B-13 from Mantova. Gorget very similar to that on Corselet II.47 in the Royal Armouries (illustrated on plate LIX in European Armour in the Tower of London). Breastplate with narrow waist and very deep peascod. Some buckles probably original. Most rivets replaced. All straps replaced. As purchased it consisted of original parts purchased as a ""suit"" item number A-114a, item number A-114b, item number A-114c and item number A-114d and restoration legs and arms.


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