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These are the Polearms we currently have in stock for sale.

Spear 16th/17th century

Military spear or leading staff with flat diamond-shaped small head on a slender socketed shank. Socket with a pair of opposed rectangular holes near the base. Currently secured to the shaft with a single clinched nail. Shaft inset into the socket with a shoulder 3/4 inch in diameter at the head, tapering up to an oval .95 in x .8 in. Still oval at the base which tapers back to .73 x .69 in, the tip rounded. Shaft stained dark with wear areas showing through as light wood.

Measurements: overall length 67 3/4 inches. Head 9 7/8 in long, diamond 1.69 inches wide, shank .45 in in diameter, socket spreads to 3/4 inch in diameter.



Leading-staff 16th/17th century

Leading-staff. Diamond shaped blade. Socket. On rounded later shaft.



Halbard early 17th century

Probably German, the head incorporating a slender long spike, and the axe-blade and fluke each formed with a pair of recurved projections at the rear. Two straps covering part of the front and back of the haft. On a later shaped haft. Similar to item W-30.


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