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Geoffrey in Breastplate and arms 1480

Part armour. German style. Made as a costume for a 2 1/2 year old. Consisting of a breastplate and arms. The breastplate formed of an upper and lower breastplate, the lower carrying a fauld of three lames. The upper with small angular rolls at the neck and arms and with a pair of flutes inside the arc of the armholes. The lower rising to a central point with a simple fleur at the top and pairs of flutes bording the upper edge. The two pieces joined by a central bolt. The bottom edge of the lower breast flared to carry a fauld of three lames articulated at the sides with sliding rivets. The construction of the breastplate mimics item number A-330 which was added to the collection many years later. The arms of open form covering the outside of the arms, and consisting of a spaulder extended to the elbow, a floating elbow cop and a one piece vambrace. The spaulder with a large cop covering the shoulder secured to the upper cannon by two lames. The cop and two lames with three points on the lower edge. The plates are secured by sliding rivets at the back and leathers at the center and front. The spaulder, cop and vambrace secured by a pair of laces above and bellow. Worn with a doublet, pants and turnshoes. Patterns made by scaling down the patterns for a simple pair of arms designed by Wade and Aaron in the 1980's working as Valerius Armouries and scaled down breastplate from one Wade made in the early 1990's. Arm patterns require two of of the small pieces between the spaulder cop and cannon. I don't remember what was used for the third fauld lame. Armour and turn shoes by Wade Allen, doublet by Tracy Justus.


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