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German Burgonet late 16th century

One piece polished skull. High roped comb and integral brim. Separate neck lame and hinged cheek plates. Lower edge of the neck lame and cheek plates with inward-turned roped roll. Front edge of the cheek plates with simple turned in border. Cheek plates pierced with 5 holes over the ears in dice formation. Edges of the cheek plates and neck lame beveled. Nuremberg guild mark on the brim near the center. Right cheek plate stamped with Solothurn arsenal inventory numbers x 126. This helmet retains its original plume holder. Hinges appear to be original. Most remaining rivets appear to be original. The rivets that secure the leather loops at the chin of the cheek plates are replaced (as is the leather). The finish shows signs of areas that have rusted and it has been cleaned, but many parts of the surface show signs of the type of scratches that are typical of old munition polished surfaces. Similar, even more aggressive marks can be seen on the munions A-292 in this collection. Provenance: Bischoff Collection, Vienna.


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