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Munions 1610

two piece collar with five piece shoulders. Collar comprising main plate front and rear raised to form an integral neck protection with inward turned plain roll, pointed front-plate hinged on the left and retained by a stud and a keyhole slot on the right, and with spaudlers of five downward-lapping lames, the bottom lames each with turned and roped border. The shoulders are well shaped to the body, broadening out at the top 2 lames. As is typical, the top lame is relatively narrow and flat, the next one larger and shaped to the point of the shoulder, the next two are nearly flat and the last plate is cusped in to fit to the arm. Appears to have originally had a bright polished surface. Signs of the rough grind or file work remain on many plates. There are a number of similar pieces that have come out of the Solothurn arsenal that have survived in very good condition. The grind marks on this piece may show how the piece was originally finished. Shoulder plates secured by sliding rivets at the rear and leathers at the center and front. Shoulders attached to the gorget with a short leather strap at the back and extensions of the central and front leathers. The right side can be removed from the gorget to allow the piece to be put on. A slot in the end of the leather engages a rivet head on the inside of the gorget. Leathers and buckles replaced. Some signs of remnants of older coatings that helped to maintain the material. All parts fit well and are likely original to each other even though the rolls at the base of the shoulders are roped and the neck roll is plain.


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