Center East Wall Armour
A display of c. 1600 armour reflecting European arsenals

The following images show a range of specific details of armour including videos of the movement of a few pieces.

Some general information

A study of 16th c. breastlate shapes
A study of some 16th c. helmet shapes
An example of the effect of distance and height on photographs of a breastplate
Videos showing armour movement or form
Armor Displays

Details of armour including some discussions

Detailed images of Armour Detailed images of some 16th c. rivet heads Detailed images and description of the rolls, hinges and pins in the top lame of gorgets Detailed images and description of edge treatments on armour. Detailed images of some 16th c. Buckles used on armour, mostly on breastplates

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Recently added images

The collection is shared on the web to allow for remote education. We also host in person educational experiences for schools, universities and reenactment events. Most of these occur in central North Carolina, but we have worked with groups to arrange for presentations in other parts of the country. If you are interested, please contact us.

Exhibitions and presentations for Carol Woods Retirement Community in Chapel Hill North Carolina.

Exhibition of Reproductions Carol Woods Lecture, June 17, 2005

An example of the items that are used for presentations to local middle schools as part of the unit studying the Middle Ages. We have presented over many years and in several schools in multiple school districts. The normal session provides a quick survey of the development of armour from the 11th through the 16th centuries and it can be extended as needed. We use brass rubbings, manuscript illustrations and woodcuts in addition to reproduction and a few antique pieces as part of the presentation. The collection includes several child-sized armours that were made as halloween costumes, so they provide examples that are the same size as the students.

School presentation to 6th graders in association with the Medieval unit in Social Studies - March 2011.

Small, in person study sessions for armourers and collectors designed to allow for in depth discussion of a set of specifically chosen pieces which illustrate aspects of the design and craft of armour.

Study Session - Armour Research Society Study Session - Feb. 2010 Study Session - April 2011
Study Session - May 2012 Study Session - 2013 Study Session - June 2014
Study Session - October 2015 Study Session - November 2016 Study Session - November 2018

In person sessions for the Duke Focus program. The program allows first semester students to learn about a wide range of topics in small working sessions with experts and demostration items. Our sessions are part of the Scientists, Artists and Merchants in Renaissance Europe cluster. Each session is presented to a new year of first semester students, so there is a lot of similarity between the sessions.

A short presentation for the Duke Focus session Oct. 25, 2015 A short presentation for the Duke Focus session Sept. 19, 2016
A short presentation for the Duke Focus session Oct. 17, 2017

Sessions arranged in association with other groups.

Exhibitition of Armour Oct. 3, 2009 for the University of Atlantia SCA Exhibitition and presentation at ConTemporal June 2012
Items chosen for the Texas Hammerfext 2012 Items chosen for the Days of Knights 2014 participants meeting
Items selected for display and discussion at the ULA meeting in Asheville NC Nov. 2016 Items selected for display and discussion at the ULA meeting in Grand Rapids MI Sept. 2017
Items selected for display and discussion at the University of Atlantia in Feb. 2018 Items selected for display and discussion at the ULA meeting in Salt Lake City Utah Sept. 2018
Items selected for display and discussion at the ULA meeting in Boonville NC Sept. 2019 Presentation for The Art of Armor in 2022 as a benefit for History Live North East
Items selected for a video presentation on antiques, reproductions and fakes for SteelSymposium 2022 Additional items selected for a group discussion held in conjunction with SteelSymposium 2022
Items selected for an exhibit at the Orange County Historical Museum Feb. 11, 2023 through Dec. 31, 2023
Items selected for a quick visit to the Jamestown Settlement Items studied during an in person study session for Jamestown armorers.

Some notes on metal movement in armor construction, using non-standard methods.

Notes on an odd way to build a greave Notes covering parts of my discussion at the 2018 "The Forging" in Salt Lake City.
Notes on making a breastplate from 1/8" plate and a power hammer

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