University of North Carolina graduate study session Jan. 2024

Items chosen for inclusion in the presentation for UNC graduate students in association with Prof. Wayne Lee's study of military history. Items were chosen to include examples of different pieces, styles, and decorative elements. These include:

Discussion of these items will include descriptions of construction, fashion, and military technology that influence the form of the pieces and the composition and distribution of material in the pieces.

As the discussion unfolded additional pieces were brought out to illustrate the answers to questions. These included my Francois salade, a fiber glass copy of the Lyle bascinet (to illustrate the forms of salades and bascinets since I don't own antique examples), samples of .035 1050 that have been treated differently (after discussion of metal thickness and quality), a case of arrow/bolt heads and a spear/lance head (showing the form of weapon points that could cause the cross shaped damage seen on the morion), a skull cap, an early burgonet, the simple munition transitional salade (illustrating turn of the century helmets) and a tasset terminal lame (to illustrate cleaning techniques).

The following display the items in different ways.

Introduction and small images of each item

All of the information on one page

Slide show of each item