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Dagger 1400

Basilard Dagger. Hilt of typical 'I' form. Somewhat worn excavated item. Handle missing. Single edge distal taper on the blade. Single narrow fuller on one side of the blade that extends 3/4 of the length of the blade. The fuller is .187 in. from the spine. Oringinal handle would have been formed of 2 sandwich scales secured by pins. Scales missing, several pins remain. The handle is hollow on one side.

Measurements: overall length 16.18 in (41 cm), blade length 11.18 in. (28.4 cm), blade thickness at the hilt .312 in. (.8 cm), blade width at the hilt 1.1875 in. (3 cm), hilt width 3.59 in. (9.1 cm), pommel width 3.24 in. (8.2 cm), weight 9.0 oz (255.14 g).


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