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Ballock Dagger 15th century

Excavated. Condition indicates a water find. Wooden handle with integral wooden guard. Studs (probably for the attachment of inset bands now lost) and inlaid silver. Blade of flattened diamond form. Illustrated in Laking 'European Armour and Arms' vol. 3 page 35 fig. 804 (described as ' of the Flemish type with silver enrichments which was recovered some years ago fom the Rhine.' and dated to 1470), Dean 'A Catalog of a Load Exhibition of Arms and Armor', Met. Museum of Art, 1911, No. 144. Formerly in the Keasbey collection. Sold as lot 184 of the Dec. 6, 1924 sale of the collection of Henry Griffith Keasbey held at the American Art Galleries by auctioneers Parke and Bernet where it is described as 'German c. 1400 found in the Rhine'. Also published in the "Metropolitan Museum of Art Catalog of European Daggers" by Bashford Dean, 1929 on page 52, number 35, listed with inventory number 28.74.6 attributed as a gift of George D. Pratt.

Measurements: overall length 10.25 in. (26 cm), blade length 5.625 in. (14.3 cm), hilt width 2.241 in. (5.7 cm) including decorative studs, grip length butt to hilt 3.875 in. (9.8 cm), blade width at the hilt .705 in. (1.8 cm), blade thickness at the hilt .126 in. (.3 cm), grip diameter at the hilt .667 in. (1.7 cm) and .791 in. (2 cm) at the butt, weight 1.9 oz (53.86 g).


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