The Art Of Armor 2022

These items were chosen for the presentation about collecting armour given as part of The Art of Armor presented by History Live! North East in 2022.

Bio information

Wade in front of the arsenal late 2021

Wade Allen
BA University of Virgina in History
MS University of Wisconsin in Computer Science
Former partner with Aaron Toman in Valerius Armouries
Host my collection at and
Senior Programmer at IBM, employment 1989-2022

Background in the field of armor:

Notes related to collecting:

The collection as of 1982 (mostly)

This shows most of the Allen Collection as of 1982. I owned one other knee cop that has since been sold, and a few non-armour items.

The following display the items in different ways.

Introduction and small images of each item

All of the information on one page

Slide show of each item