Steel Symposium hosted by Elie Huchinson

This is the items selected for a talk arranged by Elie Huchinson in conjunction with the Steel Symposium for 2022.

The discusion will focus on a discussion of Reproduction, restoration and fakes.

The line between a reproduction, a restoration and a fake can be messy and it can change over time. There are things that can be done when making reproductions and restorations to help keep the distinction clear. In many cases "reproductions" are sufficiently different from originals that there really isn't any possible confusion. This type of reproduction can serve various purposes including interior decoration, cosplay, modern martial arts, etc. Many reenactors aim for a higher bar and attempt In many cases to more closely mimic originals. There was a great fad in making "new" armor and in "completing" the remains of existing armours in the 19th and early 20th century. This led to a lot of pieces of various qualities, and many of these pieces ended up in the major collections built at the time. The original published catalog of the Higgins Armory is a prime example of this (at the high end). This can be illustrated and discussed at a low level using items from the Allen collection.

Items included:

Breastplate German Gothic Breastplate Breastplate Breastplate Arm Two couters Pauldron Elbow cop Gauntlet Waistcoat Cuirass. Waistcoat Cuirass Western European Cabasset Western European Cabasset Morion Full Armour Salade One gauntlet Reproduction Armour