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European Spur 19th century

Fine brass spur with much original gilding remaining. This is an extremely fine spur. It retains it rowel, 2 buckles and all mounting chains. It has full 'crane neck' form and a fine large rowel. The main body of the spur is formed of a short bar that curves around the heel. This terminates in a hinge on each end that forms the mount for chains that continue to a terminating plate that carries the buckles. Both buckles are on the same side of the spur. Both mounts missing from the other end. This was identified by Christie's as 16th-17th century. It has since been more accurately identified as 19th c. due to the use of chains as part of the bodies and the particular form of the buckles and buckle mounts, they are smaller than the 17th c. buckles.


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