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Breastplate 1490-1500

Based on item number A-66. Started as an illustration of raising by Patrick Thaden at The Forging held in Booneville NC in 2019. Raising completed later in live Facebook streams, then the rolls formed in additional live videos. Forming involved very few tools, none of them specialized. The work was performed hot using an O/A torch. The hammer was an old 12 ounce ball pien and the piece was supported during both raising and rolling by one of two mushroom stakes. This is a fine example of shaping and a masterclass in large outward rolls.

Constructed of mild steel, starting with 12g (app. .105 inch). Final thickness near the center crease varies but is generally .105 inch or a little thicker. It thins down to .076 inch under the arms. Neck roll .625 tall at the center, tapering to .25 at the ends. Arm rolls rise to app. .76 (left) and .85 (right) tall and .96 (left) and 1.04 (right deep) at the center. Weight 5 pounds 11.4 ounces (2590g).


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