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Pair of Spaulders - R-53BeforeLeathers Pair of Spaulders - Late15thCGermanSpaulderDrawingsWithPairFirstAssembly Pair of Spaulders - R-53-patterns

Pair of Spaulders 1490

Of simple "Gothic" form typical of the work from Innsbruck. Patterned after those on A20 in the Wallace and other similar surviving shoulders, not intended as a direct copy of any of them. The primary source was A20, but some others have more interesting sweeps in the overall form - this has been incorporated. The top plates are attached to the main plates with sliding rivets at the front and back. The lower plates are secured by sliding rivets at the back and leathers are the center and front. They were sized to fit me. They are illustrated when first finally assembled, they still need leathers and a buckle. The other image shows the initial full sized sketches drawn to work out the form in detail with the rough bolted together pieces. The drawing on the left includes the intended overlaps. The drawings have enough detail that I was able to derive the patterns directly from the drawings. Made by Wade Allen in 2023. Hardened and tempered 1050.


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