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Gorget 1510

Gorget based on item number A-226. Patterns show the tape over plastic wrap that was used to pull the patterns directly from the original piece and the actual templates used to make the reproduction. They are on an inch scale. This piece, like the original, is designed to be assembled in a very atypical way. The neck lames are attached to the main plates with sliding rivets instead of leathers and the hinge is on the right instead of the left. Continuing the oddities, the main plates are not attached to each other except by the neck lames. I found the initial life-sized sketch I did for the project. This is a great way to work out details of the size and form without wasting a lot of steel. It would have been a lot better if I hadn't overlapped the front/back and side views. This makes the details hard to work out. The right side shows a front view of the planned gorget, breast and arms. The left includes a view of the planned backplate but also has the side view laid on top of it. If you look carefully you can see what was going on. I made the gorget, breast, back and arms. In the drawing you can see two different possible profiles for the breastplate. I guess I never really decided which one I liked, so the breast sort of went off the rails. As of 2023 it is still rough and unfinished. I moved on to a different breastplate designed to be used without a gorget instead. The profile view of rough armor on the fiberglass cast body double shows the "failed" breastplate.


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