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Full Armour 1470

Designed and built after armour B2 from the Sanctuary of the Madonna Del Grazie in Mantova Italy. Armet with a bowl raised from one piece, cheek plates, sparrow's beak visor, wrapper and mail fringe. Cuirass formed of an upper breast and back joined by a hinge at the left and straps and buckles at the shoulders and right side, lower breast and back also joined with a hinge at the left and strap and buckle at the right with fauld and culet joined ensuite. The fauld carrying a pair of large one plate tassets and the cullet carrying a single wide tasset. Upper breast carrying a removable lance rest secured to the breast by a set of staples on the breast that engage holes in the lance rest, all held together by a steel wedge. Asymmetric pauldrons of 5 plates (right) and 4 plates (left) with reinforces The left larger providing more complete protection, the right cut out to allow for couching of the lance and additional movement. Asymmetric arms the right with a large wing, the left with an elbow reinforce. Cuisses with poleynes with large wings. Cased greaves with mail sabatons. Made for the Frazier International History Museum in Louisville, KY. This armour was built for their historical interpreters to use in arming the knight and longsword and pollaxe combat demonstrations. It was custom tailored for the head of interpretations J. Barrett Cooper. Made in 2005 by Jeffrey Hedgecock. Hardened and tempered 1050 steel. This and the other armour from the Frazier (R-43) were deacessioned after a change in focus. Sometime before the armour was purchased the gauntlets were lost. The stand used by the Frazier to display this armour was included with the purchase.


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