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Salade 1495

Expertly designed and built by Francois L'Archeveque. Based on A-62 KHM and similar helmets, but not intended as a direct copy. Somewhat simplified with a roll at the lower edge instead of applied copper alloy border. Complete with fine engraved decoration, interior visor reinforce and elegant double heart piercing at the center of the crest. Made by the modern armourer with a really great eye for salades. Formed of mild steel with an intentional thickness change between the top and the sides and back mimicing the construction of the high quality helmets of the time. The general concept was agreed to with Francois, but Francois was allowed to choose the details of the form to make the prettiest salade of this type he could.

Weight: 7 pounds 13.4 ounces (3565g).


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