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Armour 1580

Reproduction armour. 2nd half of the 16th century munition armour. All pieces rough from the hammer and blackened. Buckles and washers of iron. Washers of rosette form and dapped in each petal. Buckles based on the surviving buckles from the tassets on the 3/4 harness A-1 in the Allen collection. Spaulders based on A-117 in the Allen collection. Composed of breast, back, gorget, tassets and shoulders. The associated morion and halbards are authentic pieces (all are of the correct style to be used with the armour). All rolls turned inwards and hand formed (without a jenny). Worn over a padded silk doublet and velvet venetians and with a velvet half cape lined with linen. The doublet is shot silk lined in linen. The venetians and cape are made of cotton velvet. The buttons on the doublet and venetians are cast in pewter and based on the ones on the leather doublet in the Museum of London. The doublet is generally based on the Heaver castle arming doublet, the collar is base on the Don Garcia di Medici one and adds a small skirt based on contemporaty paintings. The pattern for the venetians and half cape were taken from Janet Arnold. Armour made by Wade Allen, clothing by Tracy Justus. Mounted on Secret Agent - one of the horses Geoffrey uses in his riding lessons at Winslow Stables. Constructed 2008.


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