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Armour 1440

Reproduction armour. Early 15th century german armour with 'Kastenbrust' breastplate. Breastplate taken from the surviving example in the City Museum of Vienna. Arms, pauldrons and clothing taken from the Knights of Christ from the Jan van Eyck altar-piece in St. Baron's Church, Ghent. Comprising breast and back with wide waist lames and 5 plate fauld/culet, breast with applied reinforcing strips at the arms and shaped stop-rib at the neck, standing collar of rivetted mail with shoulder length flaired cape, small pauldrons of 6 plates shaped to the shoulder, the lower 4 plates with long sliding rivets at the back to allow forward motion, arms with a near tubular upper, cop articulated to the upper and lower by one plate and fully-encased lower of tulip shape composed of an inner and outer plate attached by 2 hinges on the outside and strap and buckle on the inside. The images show how it was worn for Halloween. Afterward the legs with greaves were completed. The whole currently displayed together. Armour made of 1050 spring steel. Inner clothing of linen, outer of wool. Armour by Wade Allen, clothing by Tracy Justus. Constructed 2007.


If you have any questions, please send them to Wade Allen

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