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Geoffrey in Cuirass and Helmet 1480

Breast back and helmet. Made for Geoffrey at 5 3/4 in Oct. 2004. The breastplate patterned loosely after several currently and formerly held in the armoury at Churburg. These are usually described as for infantry use and may often have originally worn without a backplate. It is formed of a simple upper and lower breastplate and fauld of three lames. The upper breastplate with narrow angular rolls at the neck and arms and a simple angular flute below the neck mimicing earlier stop ribs. The lower rising to a central point and with a central flute. Bottom edge flared to carry the fauld of three lames carried on sliding rivets at the side and a central leather. The backplate is patterned loosely after one formerly held in Churburg and now in the Royal Armouries. Formed of two pieces, the upper overlapping the lower. Upper with flat rolls at the arms and the neck cut into a shallow V. The bottom edge of the upper plate rising at the center and pierced with a simplified spade. Lower carries a three plate fauld each plate rising to a point at the center. Helmet of simple open faced barbute form. The bowl rising to a shallow central crest, tail flared to the neck and the lower edge rolled. Worn with a linen doublet. The pattern was used to make the helmet. Construction followed the "can" technique - two of the top pieces are welded down the center and the resulting piece welded to the bottom forming an angular shape. Then the ridge around the sides is pushed in hot to form the bowl. Once the top was shaped the neck was raised in. The patterns are on a 1" scale.

Armour by Wade Allen, doublet by Tracy Justus.


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