Presentation Sept. 30, 2023 in connection with the Treasure Hunters exhibition at the Orange County Historical Museum

I have brought along a selection of pieces from my collection to illustrate how I have chosen pieces for my collection, and what I have learned from them.

The shop on Farwell Ave in Milw.

This is a picture of the first Valerius Armouries shop in Milwaukee about 1985

Most of the collection as of graduation from college.

This was my entire armor collection (except for one knee cop) as of 1982

Geoffrey's armors.

An assortment of the armors I made for my son as Halloween costumes

Armor in situ.

A display of some of the pieces in my collection

Armor in situ.

The center table for the live presentation

Armor in situ.

The whole display from the right

The following display the items in different ways.

Introduction and small images of each item

All of the information on one page

Slide show of each item