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knife circa 1400

Long, straight blade. Wooden handle formed of two scales secured by steel rivets. Cap formed of foil decorated with incised lines.



knife circa 1500

Small fruit knife with wooden scales handle and u-shaped brass pommel. One end of the wood has been repaired. One side of the two pice bolster remains. 137mm. Ex. Coll. Simon Moore #87.37



knife circa 1500

Excavated Thames. Long, narrow, pointed blade with full flat through tang. Wooden handle formed of two scales (80% replaced with good colored fill) carved with a wavy grooved surface (imitation of horn or bark?). Decorated brass terminal. Bolster formed of two plates. Bolster likely pewter. Blade with copper inlaid makers's mark in the form of a flower. Edge with losses - the blade most likely originally thin, so loss not that significant. Blade corrosion pattern shows the grain in the metal. 9in.



knife 16th c.



Knife Part

Knife Part Late 15th-mid 16th

Excavated. Remains of blade and handle. Roughly half of blade remains, with handle formed of copper alloy plates. flattened octagonal cross section tapering from the terminal to the bolster. plates attached to the tang with 3 rivets. Decorated with 2 sets of five filed lines. Small button terminal. Handle 3 /14 in. long, 2 3/8 in. of blade remains. See Allen Collection K-131 for a very similar, but complete knife.


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