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knife - K-122-b-flash knife - k-122-b-back-flash knife - K-122

knife 1520

Long slender knife showing most original shape (some losses to edge) and corrosion showing original 'grain' to metal. Marked with 2 hooked crosses. Whittle tang. Wooden haft. Brass bolster plates (one missing, other over cleaned) attached by large central rivet. Wooden handle decorated by 7 thin brass washers (more likely deep inlay since it is completely missing in areas of heavy cleaning). Handle cleaned to a smooth surface (affecting the shape noticeably). Boot cap terminal engraved with standing figures (some corrosion, but mostly visible). Terminal plate and a knop. Very little cleaning damage to terminal. Handle and terminal with flat back and curved sides with crease in the front (flat bottomed tear-drop shape). 8 1/2in.


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