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Tom Justus and I were invited to give a speech in the 'Summer Festval' at Carol Woods retirement community. This is a series of lectures designed to give the residents a chance to see a variety of things and learn something about new topics. Our talk was on 'Reproducing Medieval Armour.' I provided a general history of medieval armour and Tom talked about methods of construction. We brought a few items to illustrate our talk.

Here are a few pictures from the show (click on the images for larger versions):
Main view
This is an overall view of the display. We included a large painting by Tom and Tracy Justus taken from the Maciejowski Bible, large copies of Maximillian and his armourer and several brasses, weapons, tools, reproduction armour made by both Tom Justus and Wade Allen (one piece dating back to Valerius Armouries - made by both Aaron Toman and Wade Allen) and authentic pieces.
Tools table
We described tools and methods of the construction of armour. This included both authentic and modern methods. We used a set of partially completed items, completed items and tools to illustrate the discussion. Some of these tools were constructed by Tom, some were purchased (many from the Lynch collection). Some items like the shears allowed us to show what authentic tools looked like even when we use something a bit different (Beverly shears).
Authentic Items
We used a set of authentic pieces from my collection to show how authentic armour was made, show different styles of armour, the weight of real armour and proofs from gun shots. Items include a mid 17th century half-suit, Shirt of mail, Breastplates, Helmets, Gauntlets and other pieces.



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