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Gauntlets 1480-90

Gothic Gauntlets. Nicely formed 'Gothic' gauntlets typical of the late 15th century in Germany. Fluted, engraved and pierced overall. Formed of a large metacarpal plate joined to a wrist lame by another, smaller lame. The cuff is also attached to the wrist lame. These plates are attached with sliding rivets allowing the wrist to flex in all directions. The knuckle plate is formed into a blunt point over each knuckle. The fingers are covered by 4 articulated plates fluted over each of the fingers. These gauntlets have been cleaned and re-assembled, but they are basically a complete pair of gauntlets. The thumbs have been restored and the left cuff is associated.

Thickness varies .020-.033 in. Generally thinner in the cuff and back of hand.

Measurements: 14.75 in. long with the slots extended, 13.875 in. long with the slots collapsed, 12 in. from the point of the cuff to the knuckles (with the slots extended and the hand drooped), 5.125 in. from the knuckles to the end of the fingers (with the fingers fully bent), 3 in. wide at the wrist, 4.875 in. wide at the knuckles, 3.56 wide aat the end of the cuff, width of the fingers at the rivets on different plates tapers from 3.875 in. down to 3.625 in. All measurements on the right gauntlet.


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