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Cabasset 1620-1640

a rare German or Austrian Cabasset with the original rivets and the very rarely found original lining intact. The lining is composed of a single layer of fabric with fiber padding between it and the helmet bowl. The lining is sewn to a leather strip that it riveted to the edge of the helmet bowl. This cabasset has a couple of dings and dents and a minor split in its two piece construction. It is missing the checkpieces as is nearly the case in all surviving helmets of this type. As mentioned, this helmet is of two piece construction placing it within the 17th century, probably crafted between 1600 and 1640. It is believed to be German and Austrian as it was part of a castle/stronghold arsenal sold by Archduke Eugen in the mid to late 1920s. As such it was relatively well maintained which is why the lining survived. As you know, given their fragile nature and being prone to soiling and vermin, such linings are uncommon. This one is of fustian - a fabric composed of a linen warp and cotton weft. It is stitched to a leather strap which is attached to the helmet bowl by the lining rivets. It is partly detached but is all there. There is a hole in the brim for hanging in the guardhouse and armory, and there are four holes in the side where a plume or heraldic badge was at one time affixed. Incredible that it survived.


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