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South-German Tassets mid 16th century

For a half armour. Seven lames, the upper four detachable. Creased center line. Hammered floral decoration on the terminal lame and leaf form decoration on the top lame. The bottom edge of the bottom lame of each segment with full rolls with fine roped decoration. the rolls on the terminal lame tapered and with a central bump. Lateral double decorative lines running up the sides. Decorative file work at the centers of the tops of the lames. Very nice, full form. Old leathers (one detatched from one plate). Old rivets and matching buckles (some tongues defective). The upper and lower sections secured by a keyhole slot and peg at the outside and a much smaller keyhole slot engaging a turning pin at the inside.

Decoration on the terminal lame similar to the decoration on the terminal lame of the tassets on item number 23 in the exhibition of Brunswick armor at the Tower of London April 10-October 31 1952. Those tassets have more lames and no decoration on the top plate. Overall form, terminal plate form and rolls and buckles also similar.

Exhibited: Feb. 10 2023-Feb. 29 2024 Orange County Historical Museum Hillsborough NC


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