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German floating Elbow 1510-1520

Simple 'Maximilian' form. Rounded flutes accented by engraved lines. The elbow covers the outer two thirds of the elbow. It represents an example of a somewhat lower quality elbow than is normally displayed on armours in public collections. The elbow would have been secured to the arm using a leather strap between the upper and lower arms and a strap around the elbow.

2 nearly identical elbows are in the Fitzwilliam collection (no.s HEN.M.135A-1933 and HEN.M.135B-1933) identified in the catalogue by Ian Eaves as 1510. Another set is displayed in the Art Institute of Chicago (part of infantry armor dated 1510-15 inv. 1982.2427b-f). Another similar pair is displayed on the suit displayed in the Cleveland Museum of Art lent by the Board of Trustees of the Royal Armouries Inv. II.143 37.2008. From the R.T. Gwynn collection (Lot 65 from the 2001 Christies sale of the Gwynn collection). Previously purchased by R.A. Lee as lot 40 from the Christies Arms and Armour sale Dec. 17, 1968. 6 1/2 in. tall. Thickness .030-.050, generally around .040. 9 oz (255g).


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