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Breastplate with tassets - A-370 Breastplate with tassets - A-370-c-marks Breastplate with tassets - A-370-c-marks-and-straps

Breastplate with tassets Mid 17th c.

Low medial ridge extending to a blunt point above a wide flare at the waist to carry tassets. Pegs and hooks to engage the terminal plates of straps attached to the backplate. Struck at the neck with a crowned IR mark (James II armoury mark) and armourer's mark "IW" possibly that of Joseph Whorewood or John Wright. Marked on the interior of the waist with X I X formed by chisel marks. Tassets each of one plate embossed to simulate multiple plates. Decorated with rivets. Each secured to the breastplate by a pair of hinges.


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