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Pikeman's Pot Mid 17th c.

Of typical form. Two piece skull secured by a rolled seam on a short comb at the top of the skull and an overlap in the brim and base of the skull. Decorated with a double line of engraved lines above and below the rivets along the lower edge of the skull. There is a single engraved line paralleling the comb. Wide brim turned down slightly at the sides. Edge of the brim with a plain inward turned roll (over wire) and recessed border. Brim marked at the rear with a cross of St. George. This appears to be a government mark from the period of the Commonwealth. There is a line of rivets for lining strips along the base of the skull and at the edge of the brim. There is a plain iron plume holder riveted to the back of the skull. The body of the skull and brim are covered in relatively rough grind or file marks. The pattern indicates that they may be from the original "bright" finish. The brim with a some later holes. Likely covered in older varnish or other coating.


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