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Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-368-pair Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-368-left-straight Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-368-left-bent-fingers Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-368-left-bent-thumb-side Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-368-left-inside Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-368-right-straight Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-368-right-hand-curled Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-368-right-thumb-side Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-368-right-inside Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-201-outside-hinge Two Elbow Gauntlets - A-365-A-369

Two Elbow Gauntlets Late 16th c.

Similar, but not a pair. Elbow length cuffs formed of two plates joined down the sides with central crease that extends through the metacarpal plates. Metacarpals of seven (left) and six (right) plates, roped knuckle plate and fingers of four plates. The knuckle of the right narrower, the left broader. Thumbs protected by hinged main plate covering the base of the thumb extended with small plates over the fingers the terminal plate with chisel work simulating a thumb nail (missing on left). The main thumb plates with a central crease and rising to a point over the joint. Hinges with three knuckles and secured to the metacarpal and thumb by one rivet allowing the thumb to move in all directions. The rivet securing the hinge to the metacarpal shares the rivet that articulates the main and next plate. The elbow end of the cuffs and tips of the fingers with inward turned roped rolls. The wrist with a plain outward turned roll on the left and a roped inward turned roll on the right. Outside of the left with three chisel marks near the elbow end of the cuff at the center and with IIV on the interior. The interior of the first two metacarpal plates also stamped with VII. Pitted overall. A hole in each cuff that formerly secured them to shoulders for display. Similar in design to item number A-122, but not as precisely excecuted.


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