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Backplate early 17th c.

Formed to the back. Plain inward turns at the neck, arms and at the base of the culet flare. The rolls terminate under the arms and at the ends of the culet flare to allow for a clean underlap with the breastplate. These indicate that the piece was designed with an overlap of 3/4" on each side. Culet flare retaining one peg with transverse hole on the left side (a corresponding hole on the right side) to secure the culet. The right side at the waist retains a rivet and iron washer for the waist belt. Pairs of holes at each shoulder for shoulder staps. The width and side length matches the side of the breastplate obtained with it - item number A-366, they appear to actually form a cuirass.

Weight: 3 pounds 13.8 ounces (1750g).


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