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Breastplate - A-366-front Breastplate - A-366-right-angle Breastplate - A-366-upper-proof-mark Breastplate - A-366-lower-proof-mark-and-tasset-mount Breastplate - A-366-inside-lower-proof-mark Breastplate - A-366 Breastplate - A-365-A-369

Breastplate early 17th c.

Shot proof. Bold turns at the neck and smaller and more even turns at the arms. Medial ridge drawn out to a sharp point. Waist flared to form a short integral fauld. Two hinged pillars at the waist to secure tassets. With two proof marks on the left side. Each of these appears to be made by a ball app. .41" in diameter. This seems small, so it may represent a pistol proof. The inside of the lower mark shows signs of some tearing at the lower edge. This may just be a lamination separating or the material may be close to failure. The roll at the neck is a bold inward turned and very tapered roll. It rises to .68" tall at the center where it is .50" wide. It tapers down to app. .20" tall and a little less in width at the end. The rolls at the arm are turned out and are narrower. The weight, form of the peascod, waist flare, tasset mounting system, rolls - both in appearance and the combination of inward and outward turns - and even the proof marks compare very closely to the breastplate on armour A65 in the Wallace Collection. The catalog dates that armor to 1620 and attributes it to Augsburg. The Wallace indicates that their armor was originally black (like this one) and that it was part of a large group made for the military forces of Bavaria in the early 17th c. Back plate item number A-367 appears to form a cuirass with this piece.

Weight: 11 pounds 1.6 ounces (5040g).


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