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Munions Late 16th c.

Consisting of a gorget of three plates front and back and shoulders of 6 plates. Gorget secured at the left by an integral hinge in the upper plate and a pivoting rivet in the main plates (pivot with a short slot). Secured at the right by a pin in the top rear plate engaging a hole in the front top plate and a keyhole in the front main plate engaging a peg in the rear plate. Upper neck plate with inward turned roll rolled onto itself like a "jelly roll." Main plates formed to the shoulders and neck. Right side with a keyhole in the front plate for the front shoulder leather. Shoulders formed to shoulder and arm. Central crease. Terminal plate formed to the elbow and with a plain inward turn at the end. Rectangular buckles formed from wire secured to the front of the terminal plate with iron plates. Extensive pitting. Leathers broken and lost. Shoulders secured at the front through the construction rivet holes with modern solid rivets. Details of construction including the integral hinge, slot at the pivot, roll style and form of the shoulders indicate that originally this was a nicer, higher end piece.


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