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Tassets 1580-1610

Not quite a pair. Each formed of five plates. The top plate with three buckles to attach the tassets to the breastplate. The bottom plates with an inward turned roll at the bottom edge. The medial edge with simple hollow ridge simulating a roll - this allows the plates to move on each other. Plates secured by two lines of rivets and one central leather (broken). The right has an extra rivet in the base plate under the front line of rivets and the rear is secured to the next plate by a sliding rivet. The roll at the bottom of the tassets roped matching the breast and back. There are light lines engraved in the plates - pairs paralleling the medial and lateral edges, three at the center and another pair paralleling the bottom edge.

Thickness - Left - top plate .050-.060 inch, second plate .040-.060 inch, third and fourth plates generally .030-.040 inch, terminal plate .049-.080 generally .065-.070 in. Weight: Left 1 pound 7 ounces (655g) right 1 pound 6.2 ounces (630g).


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