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Gorget 1580-1610

Formed of one plate front and back each flared at top to form integral protection for the neck. Plates secured on the left by a rotating rivet and on the right with a keyhole in the front plate engaging a button peg on the rear plate. Upper edge of the neck and lower edge with simple full inward turned rolled border. The neck has a line of holes which would have originally contained rivets to secure a lining leather (four remain in the rear, three in the front). There are buckles secured to the rear plate to connect pauldrons. The surface is rough, showing signs of extensive oxidation. There are two cracks in the edge of the rear plate. The front of the front plate (longer than typical and extended to cover more of the chest) and the use of a full roll indicate that this was likely originally designed to be used without a breast and back. For other examples of this style of gorget see item number A-261, item number A-289 and item number A-290.

Thickness: .038-.058 inch. Weight: 1 pound 15 ounces (880g).


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