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Backplate 1580-1610

Formed to the shoulder blades. Flared at the waist. Inward turned rolled borders at the neck, base of the waist flare and armholes. The neck and waist rolls are lightly roped matching the breastplate. Straps at the shoulders to secure it to the breastplate. Waist belt secured to the sides of the backplate, the left side carrying a buckle. Surface rough from the hammer with (likely) later blackened finish. Size, shape and finish match the breastplate. Straps later. Shoulder straps matching those on the breastplate. Top of the backplate with a pair of crude holes. These seem to have been used to hang the armor for storage (working life or later). The waist belt seems to be an even later replacement than the other leathers.

Thickness: Generallly .050-.060 inch. Weight 4 pounds (1830g).


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