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Breastplate 1580-1610

Central crease ending in a well formed peascod point at the center of the waist. Inward turned and tapered file roped border at the neck with plain inward turned rolls at the armholes. Flared at the waist to carry tassets. Buckles at the shoulders to secure it to the backplate and three straps on each side of the waist flare to carry the tassets. Tasset straps secured with iron rivets and copper alloy rosette washers. Surface rough from the hammer with (likely) later blackened finish. The finish isn't just modern paint. It is at places brown and semi-transparent. This may be an older linseed oil based finish. The buckles and straps are well done, but they appear to be modern. Interior marked with 'IX' matching the mark on the backplate.

Thickness generally .0850.090 inch over much of the surface. Thins at the edges under the arms to .065 inch and to .075 near the neck where it would overlap a gorget. Thickness is also generally thinner at the peascod, but it is also more variable. Weight 5 pounds 8 ounces (2495g).


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