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Morion 1580

Made in Northern Italy. One piece skull with high comb and upward swept points at the front and back of the brim. Narrow inward turned, roped roll turned over wire at the edge. Roped comb. Engraved lines accenting the form. These lines parallel the top of the crest and parallel the transition from the bowl to comb. Roll at the base of the brim accented by a narrow, rounded recessed band. Black finish. 14 lining rivets at the base of the skull with decorative washers (one missing on each side, some damage to some washers. Two holes at the rear for a (missing) plume holder. The roping on the edge of the brim and comb are nicely done. Major losses to one side of the brim and a small hole on the other side and at one peak. Otherwise condition is very good. Most of the original surface seems to remain. The original file marks at the front and back near the brim remain. Very similar in form to item number A-184. Some of the ex-Fenton morions and cabassets have been turning up with rust damage, it is possible that this was one of the group, but this is a possible association based on form and finish.

Purchased as part of a lot with A-355, W-59 and W-60 stated to have come from the important private collection of a Rocky Mountain couple. Image shows lot as purchased.


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