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Breastplate early 17th c.

Of simple peascod form. Cut out at the neck without a roll. Inward turned rolls at the arms. Narrow flare at the waist. Formed of two parts, riveted together at the center. Heavy, either shot or siege weight. This is a very interesting piece as it has been constructed from the two main plates of a waistcoat breastplate. We can see the overlap and the larger holes that were likely used to secure the two plates. The line of holes at the sides would have secured the front plates to the side plates. After that went out of fashion, the two parts have been permanently riveted together, the neck cut down and the inner plate recessed so that the overlap is flush on the outside. The arm holes are accented by 3 parallel incised lines and the overlap is made to look decorative - on one side the edge of the front plate is visible, on the other a parallel incised line has been added to convert the line that couldn't be hidden into decoration.

Measurements: Thickness: At the thickest spot on the left of the chest .250 in. Much of the center is .21-.22. Tapers down to .092-.105 at the sides. Most of this taper is in the last 1 1/2 in, probably thinned intentionally because of the underlapping back plates. Tapered in the same way at the shoulders - the left .085 the right .082 but thins out to .05 right at the roll.

Weight 10 pounds 1.56 ounces (4980g).


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