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Burgonet 1540

Atypical early form - the bowl of rounded form with four creases and coming to a small bent point at the top center. The bowl covering the top, front and back of the head and flared at the back for a single neck lame. Sides of the face covered by cheek plates (the right a good replacement) and the front with a pivoted fall which comes to a point at the center. Edges of the fall, cheek plates and tail lame with inward turned, roped borders. The similar helmets illustrated in volume II of the KHM catalogue date the pieces with similar skulls to 1535. This piece is very closely related in shape and quality of construction to parts that survive from a large number of half armours that were bought by Vienna from Nuremberg in the 1540's. Marked on the outside of the fall with a Nuremberg shield mark (partially stamped) and on the inside of the fall with what appears to be an N in a circle (again, partial).

From what can be seen, it appears that the helmets illustrated in Das Wiener Burgerliche Zeughaus - 1977 on plates 32 and 33 are similar.

Height: 9 1/2" tall. Weight 2 pounds 10 ounces (1200g).

Thickness: Skull mostly .05-.06, but with thin spots at .03 and thick spots up to .07. Brim mostly .04-.05 thinning at the right side toward the back down to .025 and some thicker spots up to .065. Cheek plate mostly .035-.055.


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