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Breastplate mid 17th c.

For use by a Harquebusier. Low medial ridge down out to a blunt point above a short flare. The lower edge, neck and arms with internally turned rolled edges. The rolls at the arms with parallel incised lines. The sides with hooks to secure the waist belt. Identified by the seller as having been made for a youth. Top of shoulders likely trimmed and the neck appears to be adapted from its initial form with an integral collar to be worn as an 18th or 19th c. cuirassier's breast.

Measurements: weight 5 pounds 1.2 ounces (2585g) height 31.5 cm high. Thickness: Not as carefully managed as some. Generally the thick areas are app. .145 in. thinning slightly to .125 in. in the center and to .10 in. at the edges. There is one area that likely represents a void or internal corrosion that reaches .205 in. thick.


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