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Breastplate mid 17th c.

For use by a Harquebusier. Low medial ridge down out to a blunt point above a short flare. The lower edge, neck and arms with internally turned rolled edges. The rolls at the arms and base with parallel pairs of incised lines. The neck with a short, integral standing collar. Two studs for the straps that would secure backplate. Two studs on the flair. These may be later, or they would be used so secure tassets.

Internally marked in several ways - 44 in red paint on the left under the arm, three round and 5 triangular marks inside the right upper chest, 7 triangular marks inside the right side under the arm and a single notch with a pair of marks forming an inverted V at the right side of the waist. Identified by the seller as having been made for a youth.

Measurements: weight 3 pounds 14 ounces (1765g). 32 cm high. Thickness: generally .090 near the center, .070 near the arm rolls, .050 under the front of the arm holes and .040 at the edge under the arm. The thickest spot seems to be right of center at .1 and there are some very thin spots under the right arm down to about .037. The thickness distribution really seems to be very intentional and pretty evenly done.


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