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Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-left-front Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-left-front-angle Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-left-side Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-left-pauldron-side Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-left-back-pauldron Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-left-inside Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-left-inside-upper-arm Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-right-front Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-right-front-slight-angle Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-right-front-angle Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-right-side Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-right-side-pauldron Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-right-back-angle Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-right-back Arms and Pauldrons - A-331-d-right-inside

Arms and Pauldrons 1620

Two well matched arms. Pauldrons of 7 plates the center one (third from the top) larger and overlapping the upper and lower plates. The top three plates extended to cover the shoulder and overlap the breast and back plate. The outer edge of these plates with a simple inward turned roll bordered by a narrow, rounded recess and a line of rivets that secure remains of a lining leather. The bottom four plates shaped to the arm. The seven plates creased vertically at the center. Top 3 plates secured front and back with pivoting rivets. The upper plates include interior leathers to limit movement. Two in the case of the left and one in the right. The bottom five secured by sliding rivets at the back and leathers at the center and front. Permanently secured to the arms with turning collar. Turning collar engaging a closed upper canon. Closed lower canon formed of an inner and outer plate with a simple inward turned roll at the wrist (the left with a matching turn at the elbow), the plates secured by a pair of hinges at the back and pin at the front. Bracelet couter with central horizontal crease in the cop and wing bordered by a plain inward turn matching the pauldrons. The bracelet is closed by a riveted seam at the back. The cop is secured to the canons by one plate above and one plate below. All overlapping edges of the plates with rough bevels bordered by a single engraved line. The left slightly longer.


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