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Breast and back - A-331-c-breast-straight Breast and back - A-331-c-back-straight Breast and back - A-331-c-back-right-angle Breast and back - A-331-c-back-right-profile Breast and back - A-331-c-back-left-angle Breast and back - A-331-c-back-top-down Breast and back - A-331-c-back-waist-arc

Breast and back 1620

Well matched breast and back. Breast with with a central crease extending to a simple, narrow peascod at the waist. The bottom of the breast flared to carry the tassets. Neck and arm holes with simple inward turned rolls. Right side of the breast with a small proof mark. Breast of heavier, shot proof weight. Well matched backplate formed to the shoulder blades and with simple inward turns at the neck and arms, and narrow flare at the waist bordered by a narrow inward turned roll with a narrow recess. Recess bordered by a row of rivets to secure a lining strip. Breast with replaced leather straps at the shoulders. Back with matching rectangular buckles mounted with pointed metal mounting plates at each shoulder. Breast and back secured at the sides by a peg in the backplate and hinged mounts in the breastplate. These are an older replacement for the original waist belt that would have been secured to the backplate at each side at the (now filled) holes.


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