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Morion Cabasset 1580

Skull formed of one piece rising to a fine point at the top. Brim pointed front and back and rising to elegant points. The edge of the brim bordered by a small plain inward turned roll (over wire) bordered by a narrow recess. Retains lining rivets and a copper alloy plume holder. Lining rivets with domed heads on the outside capped with dapped copper alloy disks each with decorative rosette washers (two missing). Shows extensive light oxidation (now stable) and wear to the rivets and washers. The wear exposes the solder inside the dapped caps. There are signs of what is likely original grinding or filing at the base of the skull between and under the washers. There is one crack in the brim at the left rear. Near it there are other signs of lamination. The overall form is very elegant.

Measurements: weight: 3 pounds 3.6 ounces (1460g). thickness: skull generally around .070 in. but spots vary from .035 to .092. There isn't a lot of pattern to the thickness, it just changes from spot to spot. Measurements stop about 2 inches from the top, that is all I can check with the gauge. Brim averages to about .050, again with significant variation up to a little over .060 and down to .03.


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