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Burgonet 1580-90

Skull formed of two pieces joined down the center. High comb and pointed brim and nape. Edges of the brim, neck and cheekplates with small inward turned rolls at the edge which are heavily roped with broad dents. Inside the rolls there is a wide recessed border which contains a central raised ridge. The comb is lightly roped with diagonal filed lines. Dome headed lining rivets in the skull at the base of the brim and nape securing remains of lining leathers. The bowl is formed the way two piece morions are formed - the brim and tail are integral to the bowl and the seam runs out to the points at the crease. The inside of the brim and one cheek plate are marked with three parallel chisel marks. These seem to have been used to keep parts organized during construction.

Measurements: weight: 3 pounds 11.6 ounces (1685g). thickness: skull generally .045 in. varying .025 to .055. Brim slightly thicker generally .053-055 in. left cheek .035, right cheek .025.


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