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Gauntlet 1620-30

Consisting of a flared one piece cuff joined at the inside and shaped to the base of the thumb. Back of hand covered by seven cusped metacarpal plates and one lobed knuckle plate. The knuckle plate has one rivet in the center of each lobe to secure the leather that would have carried the finger plates. The edge of the cuff at the base of the thumb is slightly flared and has a short crease. This form would have extended over the separate plates that covered the base of the thumb. The main edges of the cuff with file roped inward turned rolls. The one on the outer edge with a recessed border. The roping is formed of very fine, filed, narrowly-spaced lines. The edges and center of the metacarpal and knuckle plate with pairs of incised lines. Final two images show a comparison between two gauntlets from the same time - this one and A-227 made in Greenwich.


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